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If you do not have enough products for the number of displays, the system will automatically repeat products until all product displays are full. You can also edit the 3D Building after these steps are complete to change the number, size, color, and placement of product displays.

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Please select your 3D Building design.
A 3D Building is a 3D Website that you can maintain in one place and add to many 3D Community scenes.
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Please select your 3D Community design.
The 3D Community is the scene that surrounds your 3D Building.
Please Name your 3D Building and set the URL Path to Share with others.
Use the Check Name button to make sure the name is available.
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After your 3D Building is created, you will be able to:
Edit your 3D Building settings (Including adding Google Analytics ID).
Edit the 3D Building or 3D Community design.
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